You've got the experience and the training

Recruiter Professional Experience Counts

You've worked hard to learn your profession and you deserve recognition that easily distinguishes you for the experience and training that you have.  No other recruiting certification says you are an expert like the Black Belt Recruiter certification.

Expert recruiting skills are developed over time.  It takes years to blend training with on the job experience.  You can't just train to be an expert.  You must "do".

Other certification programs place undue emphasis on thier own proprietary training programs as the key to certification. They discount the myriad of valid third-party training available to professional recruiters. 

Verified Expertise

Black Belt Recruiters have verified expert recruiting skills.  Certification includes detailed employment verification as well as verification of satisfactory completion of recruiter training.  Continued education is also required and verified. This is the expertise that potential clients and candidates expect from a certified recruiting expert.  It is what sets you apart from your peers that lack certification.

As a Human Resources Manager, I need recruiting partners that understand how doing things right gets quick placements and leads to long-term success. Our hiring managers get excited working with recruiters that speak their language and really "get it".  Certified recruiters give me confidence that my hiring managers will have a great experience that not only delivers results, but also strengthens their relationship with the Human Resources department..

Black Belt Recruiters can approach clients with confidence.  iPASS certification stands on its own.  It tells potential industry contacts that you are an expert so that you don't have to.

iPASS Certification

The Black Belt Recruiter program is the only certification program sponsored by the International Professional Alliance of Staffing Specialists (iPASS).

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Key Concepts

The Black Belt Program

 ...why we're the best!!!

The Black Belt Recruiter program is the best thing to happen to the profession in a long time. Here is a program that offers instant credibility to recruiters that have earned it.  Black Belt Recruiters enjoy immediate recognition with a distinct advantage when breaking into new marketplaces.

Staffing firms that embrace Black Belt standards gain significant competitive advantage in winning business for their organizations. Clients recognize the commitment and reward certified agencies with opportunity to be HR partners working together to meet hiring manager needs.

All three interviewers wanted to know about my Black Belt.  It was instrumental in landing my new job for more pay.quoted text