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This web site belongs to the International Professional Alliance of Staffing Specialists, LLC, hereinafter referred to as "iPASS". iPASS is an LLC that is duly organized within the State of Iowa, USA. Your current or continued use of this web site signifies your acceptance of these terms of service. If you are not able to agree with these terms of service then you need to leave the web site immediately and not return.

No Representations. The profession of recruiting is as much "art" as it is "science".  As such, it is impossible to create an examination that can serve as a "one-size-fits-all" test to determine how fit a person may or may not be to serve in any particular capacity of the recruiting or staffing industry. While iPASS certifications provide some insight into the commitment of the person(s) upon whom they have been bestowed, the certification is not a representation that iPASS or the Black Belt Recruiter certification program has inspected any person with the due diilgence necessary to represent that said person meets the qualifications that they represent themselves to meet. No employer, client, candidate, or other person is authorized to rely upon an iPASS certification as a basis upon which to make decisions regarding the person, training, tools, or any other objects so certified.

No Refunds. Any and all fund payments made to iPASS and/or BlackBeltRecruiter.com are non-refundable.

Hold Harmless. It is understood by all parties that the only way for any person to understand the Black Belt Reruiter program is by visiting this web site. Therefore, anyone that places more confidence in the iPASS certification than what is contemplated by the "No Representations" paragraph that immediately precedes this paragraph does so at their own peril. By visiting this web site, you agree that you have had the opportunity to read this page and understand that neither iPASS, nor its managers, owners, operators, employees, partners, affiliates, or their assigns can be held liable in any way for any assumption that you make regarding the value of iPASS certifications when making decisions as to how you will interact with those that bear one or more such certifications.

Trademark. iPASS lays claim to the the mark represented by a lower case "i" together with an upper case "P", "A", "S", and "S", collectively displayed as iPASS and used in the staffing and/or recruiting industries.  iPASS also retains all right of usage of the concept and ownership of the Black Belt Recruiter certification and credentialing program.

Updates. iPASS reserves the right to change this web site, including these terms of service, at any time and without notice.

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