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Certification of any profession requires complete independence between the certifying body and the skills being certified. Recruiter certification is no different. That is the key difference between iPASS Black Belt Recruiter certification and certifications offered by the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS) and the American Staffing Association (ASA). Both NAPS and ASA offer certification, but both of them REQUIRE certification candidates to participate in one or more proprietary examinations based on study material assembled by the respective organizations.

iPASS recruiter certification is achieved via a detailed check of the candidate's work history. We ensure that each applicant's experience is associated with recruiting, not just staffing in general.

In addition to work experience, iPASS is also interested in the recruiter training that each candidate has available. iPASS certifies training programs so that members can easily recognize which programs have been approved by the Black Belt Recruiter Curriculum Committee. To do this, we put multiple independent training programs through extensive evaluations to ensure that the training offered by each program is substantive, related to recruiting, and appropriate. We also require each program to conduct an evaluation of trainees that ensures each trainee actually acquires the intended educational benefit prior to "graduating" from the training course.

The goal is to have a number of Black Belt Recruiter "Approved" training courses and programs available to assist you in your quest to succeed. These are independent programs and not under the control of iPASS. While we do care about the quality of the programs, we want each program to remain independent so that the Black Belt Recruiter certifications continue to be recognized as independent certifications and not the subject of forced, proprietary training owned or controlled by us.

Black Belt Recruiter icon Black Belt Recruiter

The designation of Black Belt Recruiter can only be achieved after attaining ten years of industry recruiting experience. Candidates that earn the Black Belt Recruiter certification can display the certification with pride, knowing that it represents the culmination of a career's worth of effort. Click here to learn more about this coveted certification.

Red Belt Recruiter icon Red Belt Recruiter

The Red Belt Recruiter has over five years of experience and has demonstrated their commitment to recruiting as a career. They are considered leaders in the profession and capable of seeing any recruiting assignment through to success. Click here to learn more about the value of a Red Belt Recruiter.

Green Belt Recruiter icon Green Belt Recruiter

Green Belt Recruiters are key to the Black Belt Recruiter program. They are the largest group of experienced recruiters in our ranks. This is because there are so many more that have two years of experience as opposed to five or ten years of experience. They've been around long enough to realize the value of their selected career. By certifying their newly acquired skills, they are taking an important step that sets them apart from other recruiters that lack the experience of a Black or Red Belt Recruiter. They are saying that they are here for the "long haul". They are committed to best practices and developing their reputation so that long term success can be realized. Click to see how Green Belt Recruiter Certification leads to success.

Green Belt Recruiter icon Brown Belt Recruiter

Brown Belt Recruiters are the "rookies". What they lack in experience, they make up for in commitment. They know the value of certification and have decided to build their career on the Code of Ethics that every Black Belt Recruiter holds dear. Certification is their way of letting the rest of us know that they are serious about doing the things that will prepare them for years of personal development that will one day allow them to be recognized as full fledged Black Belts. To them, it is not just a' a career. Ready to make a statement, start here.

Recruiters that make the effort to certify their credentials are telling they world that they are committed to a career. Being successful doesn't come overnight. It takes years to develop the skills that great recruiters utilize. Certification shows your commitment to being the BEST!!! 

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Certified job candidates are set apart from the rest of the pack. Every recruiter knows that it is easier to sell a certified candidate to the hiring manager than a non-certified candidate. In situations with multiple candidates of similar experience and training competing for an opportunity, a certified candidate has the advantage. This works the same in the recruiting industry as it does in any other industry. In today's world, recruiter certification is a "must".

Black Belt Recruiters are committed to continuing education. Combining training with experience leads to "skill". The kind of skill that leads to SUCCESS.quoted text