Code of Ethics

Black Belt Recruiters subscribe to the highest ethical standards and only utilize recruiting techniques that promote the recruiting profession as a whole. iPASS is committed to a standard of excellence that employs only professional and ethical recruiting and placement strategies. The Black Belt Leadership Committee provides the ethics directive of the organization. 

Our Code of Ethics is comprised of elements that pertain to standards of conduct that align with the values that the Black Belt Leadership Committee has identified as being most important to the recruiting profession and the people we interact with.

We believe in integrity and persevere to hold our members accountable should they engage in conduct not becoming a Black Belt Recruiter. As such, each iPASS member subscribes to and endorses this Code of Ethics prior to, and as a condition of, his or her continuing membership in iPASS.

We value iPASS as the organization that certifies our professionalism. We value the clients (employers and companies) that utilize recruiters. We value our relationship with candidates.
We value integrity. We value law. We value professional development.

Consequences for Breach of the Code

Any known or reported breach(es) of this Code of Ethics will be investigated by the Black Belt Recruiter Leadership Committee under the iPASS Complaints and Disciplinary Procedure.

iPASS members shall cooperate with the investigation of alleged violations of this Code of Ethics and shall abide by the decisions of the Black Belt Recruiter Leadership Committee or its appointees.

Sanctions for violation of this Code include:

Complaints regarding possible ethics violations can be reported by contacting us here.

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In pursuit of an honorable profession, Black Belt Recruiters adhere to standards designed to keep all of us feeling good about what we do.quoted text

Ethics violations should be reported by contacting us here. Since one bad apple can spoil an entire basket, we all benefit by maintaining a profession with as few "bad apples" as possible.