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BlackBeltRecruiter.com is the certification site of the International Professional Alliance of Staffing Specialists (iPASS). The certification program has been developed by the Leadership and Curriculum committees under the guidance of the Executive Director.

The success of the Black Belt program relies upon the commitment and involvement of several "key" participants. Our leaders have been selected based upon their experience in the staffing industry, focus on recruiting, expertise, reputation, availability and commitment.

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Executive Director

Russell W. Baugh has been a driving force behind the Black Belt Recruiter certification since 2008. Russell provided much of the research into the need for a highly recognizable certification program for the recruiting industry and was the impetus for implementing the program that you see today. Russell brings 10+ years of progressive recruiting experience. He has also owned his own successful technical staffing firm; created the staffing function for a non-staffing company that wanted to get into the staffing industry; opened new offices for an existing staffing organization; and trained numerous recruiters throughout his career. He has worked in small boutique firms as well as large international agencies. Russell's overall experience qualiifies him to lead the Black Belt Recruiter organization.

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Key Concepts

The Black Belt Program

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One of the keys to any organization is to have leaders that members can be confident in. It is crucial that the leaders of any body of certification have actual field experience gained from working on the front lines in the real world. Members want to know that their leaders have first-hand knowledge of what it takes to succeed in the industry. Many people can "talk the talk", but our leaders can "walk the walk".

It is evident that iPASS cares about having experienced leaders in the Black Belt Recruiter program. Organizations such as this need leaders that have 'been there, done that'...quoted text