About the Black Belt Recruiter Program

The Black Belt Recruiter program provides instant recognition and prestige to those recruiters who have devoted effort toward the right way of developing a career. Based upon the martial arts ranking system, the entire world recognizes that a "black belt" represents the pinnacle of success in any endeavor. Because of the international recognition, iPASS selected this model for a certification program that appropriately differentiates levels of recruiting skill based on experience and proficiency.

The recruiting profession is as much "art" as it is "science". There are many different sub-fields of recruiting, each with its own way of doing things. The end result is that it is difficult to devise a one-size-fits-all examination. With this in mind, iPASS relies heavily upon verification of a recruiter's experience as a criteria for certification.

While experience is identified as in important element of the credential process, iPASS also believes that education and training are also instrumental to success. iPASS is working on a curriculum of study that covers both the fundamental and advanced techniques that are common in all fields of recruiting.

As the profession has grown, so has the need for ethical control. Every iPASS certified recruiter agrees to abide by, and uphold, the Black Belt Recruiter Code of Ethics.

Black Belt Recruiter icon About the Logo

Just as the phrase "Black Belt Recruiter" conjures images in the mind, so should the logo. Playing off ties to it's martial arts beginnings, the logo utilizes a stylized "R" created in an almost "oriental" fashion.

Obviously, the "R" stands for Recruiter, but it is much more than just a letter. With a slight accent mark on top, it is also designed to represent a person. ...a balanced person, with weight distributed evenly on both legs, one arm reaches as the other one holds.

The "Recruiter" stands in front of a colored background that symbolizes the recruiter's proficiency level. Brown Belts hold a belief that there is a right way to do recruiting activity and have pledged to take this higher path. Green Belts represent a good start on a career with a solid commitment to ethics. Red Belts show the progression of experience into a solid resource and well on track to being a leader. Black Belts are recognized as the best of the best. 

When viewed as a whole, the logo, regardless of the color of the background, symbolizes a commitment to a journey of perfection in the profession. One may never actually reach perfection, but the logo says that you are committed to making the journey regardless...and to do so in a dedicated, enduring, and ethical manner.

As in the days of the ancient samurai, lower level belts were colorful, but once the warrior had attained standing as an expert, the belts lost their color and simply became "black". Black Belts needed no color to "show off". They stood on their own merits and were respected for what they were...the embodiment of a journey toward perfection. 

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The Black Belt Program

 ...why we're the best!!!

Upon hearing the phrase "Black Belt Recruiter", anyone in the world immediately knows what is being implied. The term is self-explanatory and leaves no room for interpretation.

These recruiters are the BEST! ...no questions asked!

Prestige, recognition, excellence, success ...all of these words spring to mind when you think of what it means to be a Black Belt Recruiter.quoted text