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Question: What kind of training does the Black Belt Recruiter program offer?

Answer: None.

Why? We're glad you asked. We certify a recruiter's experience. Here's our basic philosophy on the subject:

Experience Gained = Practical Knowledge Gained

Training ≠ Experience

You see, other recruiter certification programs provide their own pre-packaged training courses to sell to candidates wanting to become certified. At Black Belt Recruiter, we believe that this leads to a conflict of interest. Training and certification should be kept separate. Our goal is not to sell you as many "so-called" necessary training courses as possible, but rather to make sure you've acquired the necessary experience (which represents knowledge) to qualify you for certification.

With Black Belt Recruiter certification, there is no need to renew your certification every year, no retesting to "keep it current", and no paying for more and more courses of "continuing education" just to show that you read a book or attended a class.

What matters to us is your "real world experience", not how many more courses we can sell you.

At Black Belt Recruiter, it's our sincere belief that once you know your job, there will never be a time that you DON'T know it. If you've achieved your certification, then you've demonstrated that you've got the real knowledge that it takes to be a certified recruiter. And you'll still have that knowledge next year, and the year after that.

Sure, there are always advances and innovations in the field. Our Curriculum Committee works to evaluate these breakthroughs as well as refresher programs before deciding which ones are worthy of being Black Belt Recruiter "Approved".

We believe that each member should seek out quality training on new technologies and techniques, but after you get some training, it's been proven that the best way to convert training into knowledge is through on-the-job experience.

That's why we certify experience and don't perform testing to verify training. Ultimately, your bosses, clients, and candidates will be the ones to evaluate your experience level. If you prove yourself worthy, other people will want to keep working with you ...and your career progresses for many years. As your on-the-job experience accumulates, you will naturally progress through our certification levels...from Brown Belt Recruiter to Black Belt Recruiter. iPASS certification is merely a verification of your recruiting experience. Because the whole world knows that a Black Belt Recruiter is an expert, your certification is easily recognized by everyone that you do business with as a testimony of both your knowledge and expertise.

There's simply no better certification available for recruiters.

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Black Belt Recruiter "Approved" is the seal of approval given by the Black Belt Curriculum Committee once they have evaluated a training opportunity and assessed that the proposed training meets with the objectives as set forth by the Black Belt Leadership Committee.

Contact us if you have a training aid, course, or program that you would like to submit to be Black Belt Recruiter "Approved" ...and be sure to include all of the details so that we can follow up.

Only the best of the best training programs are Black Belt Recruiter "Approved".quoted text