Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee is composed of experts from the training sector of the staffing industry. The committee thoroughly researches and evaluates each training course/program before designating it as being Black Belt Recruiter "Approved".

Because we are continuously looking for the best training for Black Belt Recruiters, contact us if you know of a training course or program that you believe deserves the Black Belt Recruiter "Approved" designation. Be sure to supply as many details as possible so that we can find and evaluate the program. 

Evaluation Overview

While the Leadership Committee provides direction as it pertains to what topics are essential elements of a certified recruiter's repertoire, it is the up to the Curriculum Committee to make specific determination regarding the best training options available for recruiters to obtain and demonstrate knowledge of those selected topics.

For example, if the Leadership Committee determines that Red Belt Recruiters need to be skilled in Marketing, then the Curriculum Committee will research and evaluate existing Marketing training courses that are targeted toward the staffing industry. 

It is the goal of the Curriculum Committee to ensure that any approved program teaches appropriate content and utilizes industry best practices. The committee also has oversight to enforce that all approved training programs meet with the Black Belt Recruiter Code of Ethics. Each course of study is also required to have some means of measuring student proficiency for successful completion of the course as well as maintaining excellent student records whereby student achievement can be verified.

While specific details are kept confidential in order to maximize the integrity of the evaluation results, you can have confidence that all Black Belt Recruiter "Approved" courses have met the rigorous standards set by the Curriculum Committee and the Black Belt Recruiter program.

Once approved, each course will be displayed alongside of the "belt certification indicator" (i.e, Black Belt, Red Belt, Green Belt, or Brown Belt) that indicates which level of Black Belt recruiting that the training has been approved for.

Committee Members

The Curriculum Committee consists of several small teams that are organized under the direction of the Curriculum Committee Chair. Each team is tasked with evaluating one or more courses/programs.  No member of any evaluation team is allowed to vote or otherwise endorse a course or program that they have a vested interest in.

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Key Concepts

The Black Belt Program

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In order to maintain the high ethical standards envisioned for the Black Belt Recruiter, no member of the Curriculum Committee is allowed to vote on any training program that he or she is personally affiliated with. Each training program is approved based on independent factors regarding whether or not the training being offered fulfills the directives as specified by the Leadership Committee.

Recruiters receiving approved training have the reasonable expectation that they will learn valuable, applicable, and current concepts that will translate into increased success within the staffing industry when implemented.quoted text