A Cost vs Value Analysis

The Black Belt Recruiter program has more than anecdotal value. It has monetization value as well. While money may not be the primary reason for certifying your experience, it can't hurt that the value returned for investing in this certification is something you can bank on.

Of course there is long term value for adopting a Code of Ethics and investing in your career training and education. But the Black Belt Recruiter program also provides an easy way for others to identify the value that you bring to the table and to compensate you accordingly.

Keeping in mind that membership and certification only cost $1497 (USD), let's take a look at a few scenarios...

Cost vs Increased Number of Placements

One measurable result is number of placements. Increased number of placements translates to an increase in placement fees for third-party recruiters and the staffing firms that employ them. Corporate recruiters can indirectly arrive at a figure that represents this value by determining how many fewer requirements will need to be sent to staffing firms to fill. The question here is, "How many additional placements need to be made to justify the $1497 cost of the certification?" 

Where do increased placements come from?

Increased placements are the result of two things: an increase in the number of candidates engaged; and an increase in the number of clients.

Placing your certification logo on all of your outgoing communication draws attention to the certification. It is something that sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. Adding your certification logo to your business card, email signature, letterhead, blog and job posts, and even your resume raises awareness of your commitment to professionalism. Including links back to this web site will allow the reader's of your communication to envision what it means to be iPASS certified.

Candidates want to work with knowledgeable professionals. By displaying your credentials, you let them know that you are someone that they "need" to work with.  All other things being equal, your ability to attract and engage an increased number of candidates will result in increased placement numbers.

Likewise, clients (and hiring managers) will also take note of your professionalism, raising their estimation of your value to them. The fact that you are willing to invest in yourself tells them that you are also willing to invest in methodologies that will lead to successfully finding the candidates that they need. The end result is an increase in placement opportunities...which ultimately leads to increased placement numbers.

Again...increased number of placements...means increased value in you.

As your value increases...so does your income

Increased placements mean a change in placement fees paid. That change in fees means more money in your employer's pocket (or your own pocket if you are self-employed). This increase in profitability easily justifies an increase in compensation for the recruiter that is responsible for the extra profits.

Here's another way to look at it. Consider this...

You are a recruiter...it's what you do for a living. One of the functions of your job is to negotiate compensation between employer and employee. Employers often want to pay based on how much the employee has earned in the past. Employees want to be paid based on the value that they bring to the organization. You know that regardless of how much the employer wants to pay based on salary history, they can't ignore the value that the employee brings to the table...so final compensation is usually resolved at some point in between those two numbers

This time...you are the employee. As a recruiter, if you can't find a way to for your employer to justify enough increased compensation to pay for the cost of your iPASS certification...what does that say about you as a recruiter?

Bottom line...if you are truly committed to your career, then you already know that you need to be a Black Belt Recruiter. Now is the time to act.

If you understand the value of being a Black Belt Recruiter, can you imagine the value of having your entire firm certified as a Black Belt Agency? Contact us for more information. 

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Smart money invests smartly.

Clearly, the ROI of being a certified recruiter is so high that the only sensible decision is to invest in yourself and your career.

The Black Belt Recruiter program provides a highly visible and easily recognizable means to create a financial reward for making this professional commitment.

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