Leadership Committee

The Leadership Committee is composed of senior members within the recruiting community. The committee is tasked with providing overall direction for Black Belt Recruiter certification programs as well as developing and maintaining the Black Belt Recruiter Code of Ethics.

Program Directives

Originally, the Leadership Committee was given the categories of Black, Red, and Green Belt recruiters and asked to define each category. Brown Belt Recruiters are now admitted to membership as well. The Leadership Committee had set definitions for each level to include:

For example, the minimum experience required to earn a Green Belt is two years; five years for a Red Belt; and 10+ years for a Black Belt.

Another example of a program recommendation is that Green Belts should complete at least one Sourcing course from the available sourcing courses approved by the Curriculum Committee. 

Once the Leadership Committee has laid out the training expectations for each level of designation, the Curriculum Committee evaluates and approves training courses that will allow belt candidates to meet Leadership Committee recommendations.

Committee Members

The Leadership Committee is composed of 3 members of which one is designated as the committee chair.

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Key Concepts

The Black Belt Program

 ...why we're the best!!!

The leaders of the Black Belt Recruiter program are some of the best in the staffing industry. They provide their insight to ensure that certified recruiters have the proper training and experience to meet the rigors of the job and the expectations of the industry. Your certification tells the world that you are among the best.

The leadership of any organization sets the tone that everyone interacting with the organization will come to expect.quoted text