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Recruiter tools come in many different shapes and sizes. Some of them are free while some represent a significant investment. We list and categorize various tools.

Featured tools have been tried and reviewed by us also. If we don't feel good recommending it, you won't find it here.


Check out this free tool to help you locate resumes easier. A paid version is available, but try the free one may be all the sourcing help you need.

Relocation Calculator

Need an estimate of how much it will cost for your candidate to move from one part of the country to the other? Try this calculator.

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This list is sure to grow...we list a number of recruiter tools. Some are listed by request, some because we "stumbled" upon them, but if we've featured a tool, you know that we've also actually used and reviewed the tool before we recommended it.

Send us an email if you know of a tool that we should add to the list.

Thanks for your insightful reviews of  the variety of recruiter tools listed on the Black Belt Recruiter site. It is nice to have  opinions from others in the staffing industry that are  NOT the employees of the companies that sell these tools!quoted text