Recruiter Conferences

Recruiter conferences are more than networking events. It's where we get to catch up on the latest industry trends. We see the newest releases of software...get to pick the minds of experts...and offer opinions that shape the future. Conferences are FUN with built in benefits!

These events are ones that we believe are worth attending. Of course, value may be relative to how far you have to travel in order to make the event, but if any of these recruiter conferences is happening in your back yard, you owe it to yourself to attend.

2012 Fall Expo

Hollywood, FL
September 5-7, 2012

ERE Expo is the largest attended independent recruiting event. Over 800 corporate recruiting leaders attend ERE Expo each year, and that is in addition to hundreds of other attendees from industry consultants, vendors, service providers, media and others. Learn More.

The Mobile Recruiting Conference

Atlanta, GA
September 14, 2012

The goal of mRecruitingcamp is to provide a venue where participants can gain a practical understanding of how mobile technology is being used to attract and engage today’s talent.Learn more. 

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We want to include YOUR event on this page. If you have an upcoming event that you want us to share with our members, send us a note with details.

These conferences often become life-changing events for the recruiters that seriously want to learn from the BEST!quoted text